We are MORE THAN pleased with Poached. So much so that we abandoned Craigslist altogether.
Poached has filled a need within the hospitality industry that is long overdue. With Craigslist, my inbox would overflow with mostly under-qualified applicants (and the occasional Nigerian scam). By contrast, with Poached's unique platform, I can browse through multiple résumés and quickly access the information I need to make a hiring decision... A job well done to all of those who make Poached one of the best tools available to the industry!

Stephen CoxJardiniere

"Poached transformed the way we approach hiring. It gave us the ability to reach and target more appropriately qualified applicants as well as consolidate applicants. Most importantly it gave our hiring team the ability to communally screen, review, and rank applicants netting less interviews with more job offers. Highly recommended."

Nate WalesSway and La Condesa

"The industry needed this a long time ago. It's a great place for people to find the best restaurant jobs and for me, it's super easy to find the right person for a position versus weeding through a ton of emails. Perfect combo."

Daniel BrooksMettle

“My managers are really enjoying the interface and the quality of candidates is much, much higher.”

Devony BoyleTom Douglas Restaurants

"Poached Jobs makes staffing my restaurant simple. No longer do I wade through a river of mediocre Craigslist resumes only to discover that there isn’t anyone worthwhile. Since switching to Poached Jobs exclusively, I receive only well qualified and professional applicants."

Abigail WulfProduce Row Cafe

Craig’s List brought a lot of responses to job postings, but they were primarily from under-qualified applicants whose resumes we’d have to wade through to find the couple of good ones. This time we only used Poached and it was much more manageable and saved time - it brought in a smaller field of better qualified applicants.

WesleyPodnah’s Pit Barbeque

“I am very busy and I hate the internet, and I found the poached jobs interface to be very quick and easy to use. Poached jobs’ focus on the hospitality industry promises to make it an invaluable tool for the restaurant owner”

Gabe RosenBiwa

“Thanks for the great applicant who became a great hire for us. Poached is the way to go when looking for new staff !”

Flo & CindyBlue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters

“Love the site, the way it looks and especially how it functions. The way you guys deal with the attachments is especially nice. Thank you for putting together such a great service for our industry.”

Colleen MendolaEastmoreland Grocery Market

“Thanks for putting together such an amazing site. Truly inspired. Jon over at Rose’s gave me a flyer for it...proving already to be a very valuable resource for us. Thanks again”

Aaron AdamsPortobello

“A refreshing and much awaited addition to the industry. Targeting the restaurant industry exclusively, genius! I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of candidates and the ease with which I was able to navigate the site and set my listing. I have had two successful hires as a result of listings on poached jobs! I encourage anyone looking for service professionals to check out your site!”

Randy NoiaOba

“It is really refreshing to have a source for quality establishments to post jobs. Other websites seem to be overloaded with bad jobs that are not geared towards career cooks and food service people.”

Derek HansonBroder

“Great idea!!! Finally a place with reputable restaurant jobs, info, fun.”

David TouvellCHOW