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Why is Poached different from craigslist and other job boards?
Poached is not just another job board – we offer simple and elegant tools to manage resumes and the hiring process. No need to publish your email address and fill your inbox with a flood of attachments. Simply log in to your account, click your job post and begin flipping through resumes with our Resume Viewer. Rate, sort, filter, download and make notes. We also keep resumes connected to your jobs so going back and finding that elusive resume is much easier than sifting through a flooded inbox.

And we’re not just about employers – we’ve got perks for job seekers, too. Register for a free account and you can store your resume on the site and have it readily available when you find that dream job you’ve been looking for. We also keep track of all the jobs you’ve applied for, as well as recently viewed jobs. And we give you the ability to “Star” a job and have all those compiled in one handy place as well – perfect for keeping track of Walk-ins and Open Calls.



How much does it cost to post a job?
Job posts are $49 each, or $35 for members. See our Pricing page for details.

How long does my job post last?
Job posts are active for 30 days from the date it goes live but we store your expired jobs and resumes for 2 years.

Do I need an account to post a job?
Yes, and while setting up an account is a free service, there are fees to post a job – see our Pricing page for details.

How do I log in?
Enter your username or email address and password – select “My Dashboard” to view current or expired/ended job posts, or choose “Post a Job” to create a new job post.

How do job seekers find out about my job on Poached?  
We advertise in alternative weekly papers, prominent food blogs, Google ad words, job aggregators and various on-line publications. We also send weekly emails to our ever growing list of job seekers alerting them to new jobs in each city, and we post daily updates on our Facebook page and Twitter. New jobs are tweeted daily.

How will job seekers respond to my job post?
It’s free for job seekers to apply to your open positions and requires no hefty registering – they can simply click a job title and apply.

Should I include my email in my job posting?
We don’t recommend adding your email address since our BackOffice™ system stores and organizes cover letters and resumes, sparing your personal email the wave of applicant communications.

Should I delete my job post after the job has been filled?
Rather than deleting your job posting, we recommend that you “End” the job posting instead. This way your posting will be invisible and you’ll be able to review all the resumes you’ve received so far. Simply go to the “All Jobs” tab in your Dashboard and click “End” for the job you no longer want listed.

If I delete my job post will I lose the resumes I have received?
Correct. However, if you “End” the posting rather than delete it, the job posting will no longer be live on the site, but all of resumes that you received while it was posted will still be available to you in the BackOffice™. Go to the “All Jobs” section of your Dashboard and click on “End” for that job and it will no longer be visible to job seekers.

My job isn’t on the front page … is it still up?
The Poachedjobs.com home page only shows the three most recent listings for each category. If you don’t see your job, try hitting the “Next Page” button at the bottom right of the page, or click on the appropriate category button.
Still not seeing your job posting? Please contact us at support@poachedjobs.com

Why didn’t my job post in my city?
Make sure that the location/address information is correct. If updates are needed, go to the Jobs tab in your Dashboard and click “Edit” for the job in question, and update the location/address in the first field.

How can I edit my job?
Log in to your account and click on “My Dashboard”. You can find a list of your current live jobs under the “Jobs” tab. Simply click on “Edit” for that job, enter your changes and then click “Save”.

How do I upload my logo?
Add your logo in the company details section when creating your post – simply click “Choose File” to upload an image.

How do I know if I have resumes?
You will get email alerts when a new resume is submitted (and yes, you can turn those notifications off if you’d like. We don’t want to overrun your inbox, but do want to let you know that people are applying).
You can also go to the “All Jobs” tab in your Dashboard to see the number of resumes submitted for each of your jobs.

How do I view my resumes?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the “My Dashboard” link on the menu bar. You’ll see a list of all your live jobs with the number of resumes received.
  3. Click on the link showing the number of resumes for the job you’d like to check. This will take you to all the resumes submitted for that job.

Can I filter the resumes I receive?
Why yes, you can! You can filter by experience, and also by rating (you’ll have to rate the resumes first, of course).

How do I rate a resume?
Click on the row of stars next to the applicant’s name and contact info for an easy-to-read internal reference to indicate skill set and experience matches to the posted job.

Can I share the resumes I receive?
Yes. Under the contact information for each candidate is a “Share” link. Clicking on “Share” will open up a dialog box; just enter the email of the person you want to share with and add a note to the email. Click “Send”.

How do I print a resume?

  1. Select “Download” when you wish to print a resume
  2. Download to your desktop
  3. Open and print to your selected device

How do I view the cover letter?
Click “Cover Letter” in the Poached BackOffice™ and it will toggle back and forth between the cover letter and the applicant’s resume.

How long do you store resumes?
We store resumes for 2 years – click the expired jobs tab and you can view all your previous posts and the resumes submitted for those jobs.

Can/How do I use a third party candidate tracking system?
There are options for directing applicants to your own 3rd party system. If you wish, you can enter the URL of a third-party system at the bottom of the page under “Application Manager”. You also have the option to choose “Walk-Ins Only” and not collect any resumes through the site.
We obviously recommend the Poached BackOffice™ – it’s simple, elegant, private and secure.



Do I need to have an account to apply for a job?
Yes, you will need to sign up for an account. Accounts are free, though, and do come with a few advantages:

Are there more jobs than what are on the front page?
Our home page only shows an overview of the most recent jobs posted within each category. You can see the more robust listing for each category by clicking on the icons (such as “Kitchen”) to see all the jobs for that grouping. From there, you can navigate using the “Next Page” button at the bottom right of the page to see each consecutive page of postings.

How can I get notified of new jobs?
Sign up for our weekly email newsletter that lists the latest job openings for each city. Simply click the “Join The List” link on the menu bar and enter your name and email address. You can sign up for the lists in any of our cities here: poachedjobs.com/join/.

You can also follow us on FaceBook and get updates on new jobs for all cities.

And we have dedicated Twitter feeds for each city:

What type of documents can I upload as my resume?
PDF is the preferred type of document, although Word documents (.doc) are also acceptable.
Click here to learn how to convert your Word document to PDF.

How do I know that an employer received my resume?
Once you upload your resume – you will get an on-page confirmation message stating that your resume has been received.

Is it realistic that with the wage I will make in the restaurant industry, I will be able to pay off my student loans?
Probably not, depending on how much you owe. But you got into this gig for the love of food, not money – right?