Build Out Your Knife Bag

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The knife roll is central to a cook’s working life. As cooks file into their kitchens, the ubiquitous knife roll is the first thing onto the counter. The contents vary from cook to cook, but there are always a few […]


Purveyor Pride – Winner Revealed

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We asked and you answered! We wanted to hear about your top purveyors – the people who bring you the best ingredients. We were excited to see so many responses and engaging pics of the products you use on a […]


Industry Tics You’ll Never Lose

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Once you’ve worked in the Food Industry you’ll never be the same. You’ll acquire habits and tics that’ll stay with you for life. It’s these little behaviors that set us apart from the rest of polite society. And while some […]


On Wine & Bullsh#t

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“Bullshit is unavoidable whenever circumstance require someone to talk without knowing what he is talking about.” ― Harry G. Frankfurt, On Bullshit Here’s the deal, servers: At some point you will have to sell a wine you haven’t tasted. Try as you […]



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Show us your favorite purveyors and win schwag from Chef Hat Co. and Poached! A chef is only as good as their ingredients, so Chef Hat Co. and Poached are coming together to celebrate the backbone of the restaurant industry: […]


Server Station Confidential

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Every bartender and server has a story — probably many stories — in which some impossibly entitled guest is cast as the narrative’s lead villain. But not every story needs a villain. Sometimes the best stories, the funniest stories, are […]

Head in Hands

Fast Food Wine Pairings

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As a trained, certified, and often intoxicated sommelier, I’m occasionally asked about wine pairings. The idea, of course, is to find the best wine for any given dish. When done well, both the wine and the dish are elevated – […]


Follow Us on Instagram!

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If you’re looking for something to do between shifts, you should check out our Instagram account: @poachedjobs. We’ve put together our favorite pics, with the goal to capture the passion that the Food & Drink Industry is known for. Here’s […]


The 6 Types of Restaurant Regulars

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Every good restaurant or bar has its own cast of regulars. In some cases, it’s the regulars that keep many places alive. The smart operators know to take care of their repeating guests, and make sure everyone from the host […]


Why You Should Date a Restaurant Worker

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Many of you in the industry are likely dating someone who doesn’t work in a restaurant or a bar. This article is meant for them, as a handy guide for your care and feeding. If you’re dating someone who lives […]

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