An Ode to Bar Towels

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There are many pieces of equipment and gear that make working in a restaurant possible. Good shoes, properly maintained knives, blenders and more make the restaurant world go round. But we shouldn’t forget one of the most important and humblest […]


7 Things You Don’t Want to See in Your Restaurant

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Most restaurants live on a steady rhythm. Deliveries, prep, maintenance, etc. become so predictable you can set your watch to them. If the fish delivery happens late, it can throw the whole prep schedule off – with the effects echoing […]


6 Tips to Make a Kick-Ass Resume

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Tell Them About You Define yourself and the value you would add to the job in 2-3 concise sentences. Try to highlight what you can offer while using key words from the job listing. A successful resume replaces ‘this is […]


How to Write a Kick-Ass Cover Letter

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A good cover letter is an essential tool for landing a job, even if you’ll never write another word as part of your duties. Employers are not only looking for people who have the right experiences, but people who are […]


9 Signs The New Server Might Not Work Out

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Some new hires instantly gel, fitting right in with the rest of the staff like they’ve always been there. Others… not so much. And while managers and owners work hard to make the right hire every time, occasionally someone slips […]


More Glasses, More Problems

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It’s at a certain level of personal risk that I make the following statement: You don’t need different kinds of wine glasses for different kinds of wine. As a sommelier I was constantly perplexed by the idea the shape of […]


Happy 4th of July! Cheap Beer and Firework Pairings

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The 4th of July is the annual celebration of freedom, fireworks and alcohol. Since we’re experts in 2 out of 3 things on that list, here are our favorite cheap beers to celebrate the holiday, along with their ideal firework […]


Local Man Wearing Fedora and Drinking Sherry Actually a Cool Guy

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Asheville, NC – A local man sporting a jaunty fedora ordered an Amontillado at the Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge this afternoon. Witnesses reported he loudly informed the bartender that Sherry is “under-appreciated” and “a great food wine.” It was immediately […]


The Rise of Counter Service

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If you look at new restaurant openings you’ll notice a trend taking shape: the rise of Quick Service Restaurants, or QSRs. First, a little vocabulary. Fast Food is generally defined as a restaurant where the food is prepared ahead and […]


Update: Time is running out – Donate Today!

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On June 27–29, 2016, Chris Diminno will join forces with over 150 industry professionals to tackle Chefs Cycle. The three-day, 300-mile bike ride along the Central California coast will benefit No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit that connects kids in need with nutritious […]