The Evolution of Gabriel Rucker

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Gabriel Rucker, Portland’s chef darling and two-time winner of The James Beard Award, has never stopped evolving. From his early days as an 18-year-old line cook through the creation of his award-winning restaurant Le Pigeon and its sister restaurant Little […]


Ode To Prep Cooks

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Prep Cooks are the backbone of the kitchen. They break down the proteins, start the stocks, chop the vegetables, keep the walk-in organized, and do just about anything else that needs done. An experienced Prep Cook makes their job look […]


Cutting Off the Regular

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If you work in a place that serves alcohol, it’s going to happen – you’re going to have to cut someone off. When it’s a stranger, it’s one thing, but when it’s a regular it can be another. Regulars might […]


The Do’s and Don’ts of Being the Newbie

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Starting a new job is never easy, no matter your level of prior experience. No two restaurants are the same (national chains included), meaning the first few weeks can be hard for even the most seasoned among us. Some restaurants […]


Is Your Table a Tinder Date?

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No app has affected the Food & Drink Industry’s revenue quite as completely as Tinder. Awkward first dates tend to order the high-margin cocktails that cover all the low-margin farm to table produce and lovingly raised livestock. If things go […]

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Ode to the Host and Hostess

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A lot of teamwork goes into making a good service. One of the most important roles, however, is often overlooked: The Host/Hostess can make or break a busy night. The Host/Hostess does a lot more than charm impatient 5-tops suffering […]


Banned Cocktail Week

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It’s Banned Books Week, and as usual our minds drifted to cocktails – Banned Cocktails to be exact. We weren’t thinking so much about cocktails banned for their ingredients, though, like Death in the Afternoon or the original formulation of […]


5 Things Every First-Time Restaurateur Should Know Before Signing That First Lease

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Are you a cook with a lot of great ideas? After earning your bones through culinary school and kitchens you’re feeling ready to open up your own place. However, just because you know your way around the kitchen doesn’t mean […]


Build Out Your Knife Bag

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The knife roll is central to a cook’s working life. As cooks file into their kitchens, the ubiquitous knife roll is the first thing onto the counter. The contents vary from cook to cook, but there are always a few […]


Purveyor Pride – Winner Revealed

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We asked and you answered! We wanted to hear about your top purveyors – the people who bring you the best ingredients. We were excited to see so many responses and engaging pics of the products you use on a […]