Behind the Apron

Dishwashers Rule

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If you’ve worked in a kitchen you know at least one simple truth: Dishwashers Rule. Washing the dishes is only a part of what they do to keep kitchens running smoothly. Need extra prep? Dishwasher. Need sauté pans? Dishwasher. Face […]


A Talk with Erika Nakamura of Lindy & Grundy

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One of the attractive things about working in the food and drink industry is the opportunity to become your own boss. If you put in the hours, have the talent and the drive, you can realize the dream of opening […]


The Importance of Chaos

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Recently, I sold my soul. Well, it was more of a rental agreement with an undisclosed expiration date. After months of living my lifestyle of constant evolution, I was feeling the financial grips squeezing – hence my need for a […]


Sailing the Seas of Cheese

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Sasha Davies lives in a world of cheese. More importantly it’s a world she carved out for herself. Starting as a humble intern and following that with a cheese-focused road-trip, Sasha has never waivered in her pursuit of learning about […]


Secrets of the Cicerones

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As I was sneaking away from a former wine industry colleague in a grocery store because I was carrying a sixer of Old German tallboys, I started thinking: maybe beer is just as important to the modern bar and restaurant […]


Mister NaCl

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Who would have thought you could create a brick and mortar business with just sodium chloride? Ben Jacobsen, founder of Jacobsen Salt Co., took this humble compound and within 2.5 years established himself as the go-to supplier for NW chefs […]


An Interview with Linda Milagros Violago

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Wine lists might scare the shit out of your average person; probably because they weren’t actually designed for a regular person to decipher. Enter the Sommelier, that specialized link between the dining room and the kitchen, who can decipher your […]

Photo Credit: Stephanie Biteau

Chef Jason Vincent of Nightwood

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An interview with Chef Jason Vincent of Nightwood Restaurant in Chicago, on being a Best New Chef as well as what he looks for in a kitchen team.   How long have you been at Nightwood? I’ve been the Chef […]


It’s Not Molecular. It’s Good.

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Justin Woodward is the Chef at Castagna on SE Hawthorne, with a cooking background that includes WD-50 in NY and L’Auberge in San Diego, with various other stages in Michelin star kitchens such as NOMA in Denmark and Mugaritz in […]


An Interview with America’s Hottest Chef

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Danielle Signore from Castagna sits down with America’s Hottest Chef, Pascal Sauton, to talk about the contest, the picture that won it, and how things are going at Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine… The Hottest Chef Yes, it’s a silly contest. […]

America's Hottest Chef

The Working Life – Sammy Glinn at Post Office

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The Working Life with Sammy Glinn is the first in a series of episodes conceived and directed by Luisa Conlon and Jen Goma. The Working Life is a food blog about people. In the spirit of amateur anthropology, the project […]


Nicky USA’s Geoff Latham

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Twenty-two years ago, Nicky USA owner Geoff Latham got his start in the sustainably-raised meat business by selling rabbits to Portland chefs and retailers out of the trunk of his Ford Escort. Now he has a thriving Oregon operation, his […]

Geoff Latham-NickyUSA

Sara Spearin, Dynamo Donuts, and the Significance of 3 AM

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Sara Spearin sets the Mission District’s pre-dawn olfactory pleasure centers afire from Dynamo Donuts, her unassuming world headquarters on 24th Street from whence the unmistakable scent of better-than-they-should-be donuts and superlative coffee wafts, vice disguised as the mundane. Join us […]


What Would You Do If Someone Just Gave You Country Bill’s?

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Country Bill’s in Woodstock has been on the market for a while now and the price recently dropped to 925k (rustle that up from the change you find in the couch). We are confident that most who’ve heard about the […]

Country Bill's exterior

One Day at Alinea

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All I wanted was a picture of me in a chef coat in front of Alinea. Possibly planking. I took the train into town, then a surpassingly long taxi ride to Alinea. The taxi driver dumped me in front of […]


Opening Smallwares: The Learning Curve Steepens – Part 2

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Opening a restaurant for the first time may sound romantic to the uninitiated, but it’s deceptively challenging on many levels – an adventure fraught with suspense, hope, heartbreak, occasional humor, and good old-fashioned terror. CHI/PDX/NYC kitchen veteran Johanna Ware has […]


San Francisco: Comstock Saloon’s Carlo Espinas and Jonny Raglin

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Comstock Saloon’s Carlo Espinas and Jonny Raglin discuss historic menu research and rooting out a wizened adage – there is no free lunch Before you even breach its doors, the Comstock Saloon beguiles. The space has been a neighborhood watering […]


Naomi Pomeroy Interview, Part 2

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The boss that doesn’t have to “boss”, dog-eared cookbooks, and the girl who has to share her mom with Beast. A familiar face in the national press, Naomi Pomeroy is a dynamo, garnering multiple culinary award nominations, competing on Iron […]

Naomi and August at No Kid Hungry Event, SF

Naomi Pomeroy Interview, Part 1: on Celebrity, Sharing the Spotlight and Getting the Press

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One might be challenged to think of a time in recent history when Naomi Pomeroy hasn’t been popping up across all forms of media highlighting her team’s work at Portland’s Beast. She’s a familiar face in the national press, garnering […]

Naomi Pomeroy and Mika Paredes from Beast

Opening Smallwares: A Space Odyssey – Part One

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Opening a restaurant for the first time may sound romantic to the uninitiated, but it’s deceptively challenging on many levels – an adventure fraught with suspense, hope, heartbreak, occasional humor, and good old-fashioned terror. CHI/PDX/NYC kitchen veteran Johanna Ware has […]


Behind the Apron (and Guitar): Savoy’s Susie Blue

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My favorite multiple-hyphenated person of late, chef/singer/songwriter/musician Susie Blue has rocked Portland’s breakfast darling Broder for most mornings in recent memory. She recently made a conceptual leap over to the Savoy Tavern where she’s been an agent of change, revamping […]

Talking with Savoy's Susie Blue

Three Doors Down and the Secrets to Catching and Keeping “Lifer” Staff

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In late 1993, Kathy Bergin and Dave Marth found a slender storefront café for sale just off of SE Hawthorne on SE 37th.  Six short months later on St Patrick’s Day 1994, Three Doors Down offered their first dinner service.  […]

Seeking Long-Term Relationships at Three Doors Down

Chef Interview: Lydia Bugatti, Behind the Apron

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Oh Portland, we gaze unblinking at thy food scene, only occasionally looking up to acknowledge that outside your fair quadrants lies a vast metropolitan area whose populace also consider the “Portland Area” their home as well. Just like we inner […]

1_Lydia Bugatti

Jenn Farrington: They Shoot Drinks, Don’t They?

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Recent Portland émigré and photographer at Portland’s Straub Collaborative, Jenn Farrington’s beverage photography receives accolades from clients, contemporaries and discerning drinkers worldwide.   Her work lit up the pages of Tequila: A Guide to Types, Flights, Cocktails, and Bites as […]


Chef Interview: Chris Israel, Behind The Apron

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Back in the late 1980s (verily the horse and buggy days of Portland fine dining), a high-end meal often meant trudging through menus that read like tired greatest hits albums of FILL IN THE BLANK cuisine served up in stodgy […]