The Field Guide to Drinking in America

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If you’re taking a culinary road trip this summer, you’re going to need The Field Guide to Drinking in America. Author Niki Ganong spent 3 tireless years researching the alcohol related quirks of all 50 US states (and DC!) Say you’re […]


Brunch Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Recent studies have proven that working in a restaurant on a Sunday morning is the #1 cause of Brunch Traumatic Stress Disorder. While most people think brunch is a fun family tradition, restaurant workers shiver at its mention. The mere […]

Pool-side Mimosas at The Standard Hotel

April Fools Roundup

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Everybody likes a good prank, especially people in the food business. Great restaurant and food related pranks happen every day, so much so that April Fools might seem superfluous, but we couldn’t help ourselves from putting together a list of […]


Off-Sites: 6 Ways to Make Events Work For You

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As we approach event season, now is the perfect time to answer the burning question: As a restaurant owner or chef, how often should you say, “yes” to event participation invitations? You know the drill. As soon as April rolls […]


Unexamined Waiting

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It was immediately clear to me that the best possible use of my philosophy degree was waiting tables. Late nights and later mornings spent drinking and reading philosophical texts really prepared me for customer service. My education was very handy […]

Greek philosophers

How to Sharpen a F*#%ing Knife

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We may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but even we know a dull knife is one of the most dangerous things in a kitchen. Any professional should know how to take care of their knives, so here’s […]

knife FT

Blogger Events made Simple

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If you’ve ever used Facebook, Instagram or even just the Internet, you’ve probably seen photos of restaurant hosted blogger events. You know, that seemingly crazy PR tactic in which chefs dish out free meals and endure the flash of iPhone […]


How to Fold a F*#%ing Napkin

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Everyone hates side work. And worse, everyone does it wrong (at least according to everyone else.) So in an attempt to settle the eternal argument about how to fold a fucking napkin, we thought we’d offer this definitive tutorial.   […]


The New Kings of Poutine

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The Results are in! Bar Takito was the winner of the Judges Choice, while Frontier walked away with the Crowd Favorite. How will be the next Kings of Poutine? Contestants have a year to prepare!    


Poutine Fest 2015

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Poutine Fest is back! Now running its third Installment, Chicago’s Poutine Fest is delivering on its promise to feature Canada’s popular late-night fast food favorite. For those unfamiliar with this particularly Northern North American delicacy, poutine is french fries and […]