Your Mise en Place for a Successful Cookbook

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After years of perfecting your recipes, you’re toying with the idea of writing a cookbook – but where do you start? Maybe you thumb through your old favorite, the one that inspired you to become a chef, looking for ideas. […]


Tinder for Line Cooks

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Tinder is both the apex and nadir of online dating. On one hand, it’s brilliantly simple and efficient; on the other hand, it feeds into the most base of human instincts. A combination like that comes along only a few […]

tinder for line cooks

On Being A Rookie Server

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You did it! You applied to that job you’ve been eyeing, passed the interview and you’re on the schedule. Congratulations… you’re a server. It’ll come as no surprise the job isn’t as easy as it looks. You’ll have to hustle […]

advice to a rookie

Trendwatch – 5 wines for Spring

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  While it still may be the depths of January, it’s time to start thinking about spring! Soon enough the rain and snow will give way to warm breezes, requests for patio seating and refreshing warm weather wines. In an […]


5 Tips for Crushing the Working Interview

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A long tradition in restaurant kitchens is the working interview. The purpose is threefold: First, the perspective employer wants to see the level of skill and experience a candidate possesses. Second, it’s a chance to see how the candidate interacts […]

how to win a working job interview

Trendwatch 2016

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  No-tip restaurants Tipping is evolving – this should be no surprise to anyone in the industry. Once Danny Meyer announced he was eliminating tipping from his restaurant group, it was clear things were about to change. One large component of […]


The Shift before Christmas…

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‘Twas the shift before Christmas, when all through the kitchen A line cook was stirring the stock made with chicken; The mise was laid out by the expo with care, In hopes that the guests would soon all be there; The […]

Christmas background

Poached Holiday Gift Guide for the Procrastinating Secret Santa

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The Secret Santa Holiday Party is coming up! So you’ve drawn names from a hat and now have to come up with a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker. Just to add to the fun, you’ve just been hired and […]


Somm’ing ain’t Easy

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Selling wine isn’t easy. Why? Because buying wine isn’t easy. If you want to give your guests the best possible experience, you need to make buying wine stress-free and fun. Look at it from the guest’s perspective. They sit down […]


Are Crickets the Next Cronut?

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Crickets could be the future of food. As John Allen states in his book The Omnivorous Mind, “perhaps there is a connection between crickets and extra-crispy fried chicken, beyond the occasional unwanted visitor to the deep fryer”. Despite the possibilities, […]