How to Fold a F*#%ing Napkin

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Everyone hates side work. And worse, everyone does it wrong (at least according to everyone else.) So in an attempt to settle the eternal argument about how to fold a fucking napkin, we thought we’d offer this definitive tutorial.   […]


The New Kings of Poutine

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The Results are in! Bar Takito was the winner of the Judges Choice, while Frontier walked away with the Crowd Favorite. How will be the next Kings of Poutine? Contestants have a year to prepare!    


Poutine Fest 2015

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Poutine Fest is back! Now running its third Installment, Chicago’s Poutine Fest is delivering on its promise to feature Canada’s popular late-night fast food favorite. For those unfamiliar with this particularly Northern North American delicacy, poutine is french fries and […]


5 Ways to Deal with Bad Yelp Reviews

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Let’s face it: restaurateurs have a contentious relationship with Yelp. While we’ve discussed the benefits of using Yelp for Business, we thought we’d explore some other options…  Option 1 – Own it: Laughing Planet Café, a chain based in Portland, […]


Daddy Issues

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Once upon a time all chefs were huge assholes. They preyed upon the young and inexperienced to become their interns, working for free, stuck in overcrowded dorms with insufficient heat sources.  Chefs smashed plates against walls and made staff eat […]


Trend Watch – Shake Shack Moves the Market

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It seems like something is always happening in the food world. The last few weeks, however, have been particularly busy for restauranteurs… and investors. While everyone expected Danny Meyers’ Shake Shack to have a big impact on Wall St with […]


Managing the Managers – Words to the Wise from Linda Derschang

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More than 20 years ago, Linda Derschang changed the way Seattle thought about restaurants. It all started in 1994 with Linda’s Tavern, an instant classic decorated with wood grain and neon. More businesses followed: The Capitol Club, Chop Suey, King’s […]


Cooking with Chef Candy – Brining Chickens

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The first thing you learn cooking in a professional kitchen is you’re a long way from home. Methods and techniques that worked well in your family’s kitchen can lead to failure, as well as spiking food costs, when applied in […]


Wine Note Mad Libs

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The wine has a [color] tint and shows a [pretentious adjective] brightness and clear edges. On the nose it expresses a [type of rock] minerality with a [collective noun] of [type of flowers no one has heard of].  The wine’s […]


5 Trends that won’t be happening in 2015

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It’s a new year, and as usual, the industry’s top prognosticators have emerged to tell us what will be hot in 2015. I’ve made a tradition of reading through trend pieces every year, and I’ve noticed something: most predictions are […]