The Best Interview Questions

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So you’ve listed a job (on Poached, naturally) and have arranged for some interviews for that open position that’s been haunting your schedule. An important part of any hiring process is the questions you ask your candidates. A good question […]


How to Survive Your Next Wine Tasting

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Attending a wine tasting sounds fun, but it’s actually an important part of developing your career. Wine events evoke images of well-coiffed, well-dressed fancy people swirling and spitting expensive wines. It all looks incredibly posh, but trust me, to get […]


Top 5 Things about Working the FOH

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You know you love it – the weird hours, the rush of a full dining room, the camaraderie largely unknown outside of war zones. Working in a restaurant is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not easy, […]


The 5 Best Ways to Cut Yourself in a Kitchen

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Cutting yourself while working is a rite of passage in the restaurant industry. According to some, you’re not a “real cook” until you’ve seen your finger-pad bloody-side down on a prep table. Once you’ve honed those knife skills and learned […]


5 Tips From Chefs That Will Improve Your Instagram Game

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If you’re like me, you’ve wished at some point or another that social media would silently fall off the face of the earth like flip phones or dial-up Internet. Instead, it’s decided to get comfortable and stay awhile, but for […]


The Field Guide to Drinking in America

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If you’re taking a culinary road trip this summer, you’re going to need The Field Guide to Drinking in America. Author Niki Ganong spent 3 tireless years researching the alcohol related quirks of all 50 US states (and DC!) Say you’re […]


Brunch Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Recent studies have proven that working in a restaurant on a Sunday morning is the #1 cause of Brunch Traumatic Stress Disorder. While most people think brunch is a fun family tradition, restaurant workers shiver at its mention. The mere […]

Pool-side Mimosas at The Standard Hotel

April Fools Roundup

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Everybody likes a good prank, especially people in the food business. Great restaurant and food related pranks happen every day, so much so that April Fools might seem superfluous, but we couldn’t help ourselves from putting together a list of […]


Off-Sites: 6 Ways to Make Events Work For You

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As we approach event season, now is the perfect time to answer the burning question: As a restaurant owner or chef, how often should you say, “yes” to event participation invitations? You know the drill. As soon as April rolls […]


Unexamined Waiting

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It was immediately clear to me that the best possible use of my philosophy degree was waiting tables. Late nights and later mornings spent drinking and reading philosophical texts really prepared me for customer service. My education was very handy […]

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