Cooking with Chef Candy – Brining Chickens

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The first thing you learn cooking in a professional kitchen is you’re a long way from home. Methods and techniques that worked well in your family’s kitchen can lead to failure, as well as spiking food costs, when applied in […]


Wine Note Mad Libs

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The wine has a [color] tint and shows a [pretentious adjective] brightness and clear edges. On the nose it expresses a [type of rock] minerality with a [collective noun] of [type of flowers no one has heard of].  The wine’s […]


5 Trends that won’t be happening in 2015

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It’s a new year, and as usual, the industry’s top prognosticators have emerged to tell us what will be hot in 2015. I’ve made a tradition of reading through trend pieces every year, and I’ve noticed something: most predictions are […]


5 Tips to Have a Better Holiday Party

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It’s the Holidays! Since you’re running the gauntlet of Holiday shopping with too many big top reservations and a pesky Dec. 23rd closing shift, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to have a Better Holiday Party. Get […]


5 Ways to Build a Better Website

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A restaurateur touches every part of their customers’ experience – and I’m not talking about the food. From the color of the walls, to the logo, to the font on the menus (and even the paper stock), they attend to […]


CONTEST! Restaurant Resolutions 2015! PRIZES!

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It’s nearly 2015 and it’s time for your New Year’s Resolution! With a new year comes an opportunity to turn over a new leaf – so if you’re looking to quit smoking, improve your knife skills or not pass out […]


Trend Watch – Airport Food… No, Really…

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Airports are no longer just a place to stand in line, then get searched, and then stand in another line. Or at least some of those lines will lead to something better than being smooshed into a cramped seat between […]


Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

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Love it or hate it, Instagram is not only here to stay, but it’s an integral part of our current food culture. Everywhere I go I see people taking pictures of their food – and not just pretty food, but […]


5 Hot Sauces that Make Crew Chow Possible

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Crew Chow (or Family Meal depending on your level of Stockholm Syndrome) is one of the fascinating traditions of the restaurant industry. Each day a full spread is put out for the staff to enjoy while unwinding from a busy […]


Stop Employee Turnover – 5 Ways to Keep Your People Working for You

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According to the National Restaurant Association, employee turnover is at nearly 63%. A rate that high is more than an inconvenience – it’s a cost that cuts into your bottom line. Keeping a staff happy, and showing up, is easier […]