The Portland Kitchen

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A lot of teenagers get their first job in restaurants, or at least they used to. The last decade hasn’t been an easy one for job seekers, especially those entering the workforce for the first time. Once the summer job […]


5 Things to Know about Wine

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For many people starting out in the restaurant industry, wine is a mysterious and esoteric subject that creates more anxiety than pleasure. I can remember walking up to my first table as a waiter and thinking “please don’t ask me […]


The Poached and Eat Ink Tattoo Contest Winners

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We’re excited to announce our Eat Ink Tattoo Contest Winners! Tattoos are an integral part of the restaurant and hospitality industry. People work with knives, play with fire and express themselves with ink and needles. We’re proud to work with […]

Eat Ink – Recipes. Stories. Tattoos.

Confessions of a Reality Food Television Lover

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There are certain things one is just not supposed to do as a sommelier in a high-end restaurant and I’m pretty sure I did them all. Corndogs from 7-11? Check. Drinking wine straight from the bottle? Check. Having a “road […]


Secrets of the Cicerones

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As I was sneaking away from a former wine industry colleague in a grocery store because I was carrying a sixer of Old German tallboys, I started thinking: maybe beer is just as important to the modern bar and restaurant […]


Bring Out Your Ink!

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Our interest in tattoos is well known, so we couldn’t help but pick up Eat Ink – Recipes. Stories. Tattoos., by Birk O’Halloran and Daniel Luke Holton. Flipping through its pages we quickly decided to pass this distinctive cookbook along […]

Eat Ink – Recipes. Stories. Tattoos.

Mister NaCl

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Who would have thought you could create a brick and mortar business with just sodium chloride? Ben Jacobsen, founder of Jacobsen Salt Co., took this humble compound and within 2.5 years established himself as the go-to supplier for NW chefs […]


Passport-Stamping Knife Bag

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Over a year ago I had some tough decisions to make. I was about to embark on a global cooking adventure, and needed to make my knife bag as lightweight and efficient as possible – which meant paring down my […]


Jelly Filled Ambition, part 2

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In Part 1, Jonathan’s incredible meal at Do or Dine led him to ask about staging at the restaurant. Which brings us to Part 2…   The meal was supposed to be just a doughnut. It turned into a bill […]


Jelly Filled Ambition, part 1

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In Part 1, Jonathan explores the possibilities of molecular stoner food. This week he eats. Next week? He gets himself into the kitchen.   Well, I put my mouth where my money is on this one. We went into Do […]