Trend Watch – Airport Food… No, Really…

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Airports are no longer just a place to stand in line, then get searched, and then stand in another line. Or at least some of those lines will lead to something better than being smooshed into a cramped seat between […]


Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

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Love it or hate it, Instagram is not only here to stay, but it’s an integral part of our current food culture. Everywhere I go I see people taking pictures of their food – and not just pretty food, but […]


5 Hot Sauces that Make Crew Chow Possible

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Crew Chow (or Family Meal depending on your level of Stockholm Syndrome) is one of the fascinating traditions of the restaurant industry. Each day a full spread is put out for the staff to enjoy while unwinding from a busy […]


Stop Employee Turnover – 5 Ways to Keep Your People Working for You

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According to the National Restaurant Association, employee turnover is at nearly 63%. A rate that high is more than an inconvenience – it’s a cost that cuts into your bottom line. Keeping a staff happy, and showing up, is easier […]


6 Food Raps to Get Your Hands in the Air

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1. Be Healthy by Dead Prez So there was a time when I dated a lovely woman who was a dedicated vegan. She was cool vegan – she managed to convert her ethical eating beliefs into a spot on an […]


5 Shift Drinks and What They Really Taste Like

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The shift drink is a time honored and hallowed tradition in the restaurant industry. It turns out that dealing with the general public on any given night will lead to a few drinks. Some drinks have become universal favorites in […]


All I ever needed to know, I learned in Restaurants – Floor Edition

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After over 20 years working restaurants in various capacities I recently asked myself: what did I learn? Other than it takes 6 turns to loosen a champagne’s cage or to never follow a prep cook to a second location, that […]


AromaVentures: Presented by the Vagabundus Project

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Over the past few months you may have read one or more of the essays written by our nomadic chef blog contributor, Jonathan Merrill, AKA Chef Vagabundus. His travels have inspired us to see food and the people who live […]


Burning Bright: Embracing a Chef’s True Element

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The relationship between humanity and controlled fire has fascinated me for a long time. Years ago I read Richard Wrangham’s Catching Fire: Cooking Made Us Human. In it, Wrangham goes as far as stating that civilization is what it is today […]


Content Rules Everything Around Me

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For many chefs, running a social media campaign feels like too much work for too little return. With everything else that needs to get done in a day they’re supposed to tweet about it too? While it does seem like […]